How to Choose Athletic Swimsuits

Whether you are stand upwards paddle boarding, surfing or maybe swimming laps at the swimming pool, you will would like a swimsuit that fits nicely, moves with you and stays put. Locating the proper active swimwear is going to depend on a selection of choices that are personal: just how energetic you intend to be, just how much assistance you will need or maybe just how much skin you wish to display. Fortunately, the assortment of swimsuit types, patterns and silhouettes offered really makes it simple to locate a fit that is functional and flattering.

When selecting a swimsuit for your fave water activities, try the following 4 factors:

Choose your swimwear design based upon your activity: How you will go and just how much exposure to the sun you will encounter helps guide the choices of yours. In case you spend a large amount of period ducking below waves, for instance, choose an one piece suit or maybe a high with thick crisscross straps or racerback so the suit of yours will remain secure.

Determine just how much coverage you would like:

and the place you like it: For instance, in case you intend to invest the day at the seaside sunbathing as well as snorkeling, you might select a rashguard as well as rii shorts that you are able to pull more than a sporty bikini when you are prepared to restrict the sun exposure of yours.

Decide what fabric as well as design attributes you want:

Quick drying fabrics allow it to be painless going from playing in the bath to relaxing poolside. Zipped board short pockets are available in handy for keeping essentials while you are out with your paddle board.
Look for a design that is comfortable: You wish to spend much more time focusing on the water activity of yours and also a shorter time setting the bottoms of yours or even ensuring your best stays put. Each time you are able to, it is better to test the suit on and go around in it to locate a great match and ensure it does not use up.

Types of Swimwear

One-piece female’s suits: These came quite a distance in function and style. Because the majority of active style one pieces have a tendency to keep in position much better compared to two piece suits, they are a wonderful option for sports including diving, bodysurfing or maybe stand up paddle boarding exactly where you will invest time falling or even diving into the water or perhaps waves.

When you are going to do lap or maybe competitive :

swimming, you might choose to select snug fitting, cross back streamlined suits created for little drag and fuss inside the water. (For triathlon specific swimwear advice, notice REI Expert Advice post, Triathlon Gear: How to Choose.)

Two piece female’s suits:

With swim high and soles sold separately, it is not hard to customize two-piece suits to suit your watersport as well as body type. Many established brands design performance two piece suits to keep in place during countless watersports. Two-piece suits are usually much more handy compared to one piece suits for bath room breaks.


These consist of the traditional triangle top, bra or maybe bralette style top.

These toilet tank tops generally handle the total midriff (crop tops might fall somewhere between the 2 styles.)
Swim bottoms range for coverage, from standard bikini bottoms with a greater leg cut to much more total coverage. Other choices for coverage include swim dresses & boy short styles.

Male’s swim trunks:

Casual swim shorts, or maybe trunks, selection from brief to above the knees. They usually have drawstrings, breaks or maybe elastic waistbands; a few has a mesh inner brief or even lining for added support. You are able to choose a tailored and baggy look.

Male’s swim briefs:

These’re form fitting, brief shaped swimsuits generally used for performance sports including lap swimming as well as water polo wherein speed and also free range of action are important.

Swim leggings:

These much longer swim bottoms, also called swim tights, give you maximum sun safety through your waist printed towards your ankles or shin. They are choices that are great for paddle boarding, surfing as well as other sports or snorkeling just where you will spend hours that are long in the sunshine and drinking water and also do not wish to constantly reapply sunscreen. Based on the fabric, they could hold you warmer in cool waters.

Board shorts:

These shorts differ in length. A number of female’s board shorts run pretty short (2 inch inseam), while some male’s board shorts fall best under the knees to help protect thighs via rubbing against surfboards or maybe paddle boards.


These snug-fitting shorts hug thighs as well as bottom (they’re much like a bike short minus the padding). They are ideal for lap or maybe competitive swimming because there is little drag.


These famous shirts offer shelter from chafing and sun. Rashguards shield you from dangerous UV rays during extended hours of paddling, surfing, swimming or snorkeling. They are can, stretchy, and lightweight be form-fitting or loose-. The shirts are available in several types for versatility – cap sleeve, short sleeve, ¾-length, long sleeve, zip-top or pullover.